Since 2016, Privee Social Club has hosted experiences all over California. Unlike traditional collectives or subscription boxes, our members enjoy a unique cannabis experience. 


I hereby apply to Privee Social Club, if accepted I agree to be bound by the rules of the club. 

All sections of the application must be completed before submission to the committee. Any application missing information will be deemed incomplete and not considered. 

Your application must include the name and email of two proposers who are existing members. 

All information shall be treated in confidence. 

You must be 21 to apply to Privee Social club. You will be required to provide a copy of passport, drivers license or birth certificate. 

Payment will be required upon notification of acceptance into Privee Social Club.

Once your membership is granted, you will be given a membership card. Do not lose this card, it is required to enter Privee Social Club experiences.

Your membership will include access to THE VAULT, where you have exclusive access to the Privee Social Club brands. 




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